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As of October 4, 2017, Centroflora CMS changes its name to C² PHARMA.

C² PHARMA is a Luxembourg-based pharmaceutical group established in 2014 which manufactures and distributes its Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (“APl”) and complex chemical compounds from phytochemical and chemical origins.

The current API product portfolio includes: Atropine, Digoxin, Homatropine, Pilocarpine, N-Butylbromide Scopolamine / Hyoscine (SNBB) and reaches more than 100 pharmaceutical companies across the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, Middle-East & Africa.

We are a key sponsor of the “Partnership for a Better World” program that ensures a sustainable, traceable & fair-trade harvesting and sourcing of phytochemical and botanicals used for pharmaceutical APIs such as Pilocarpine. The program sustains of more than 1,000 families and contributes to the preservation of the Brazilian biodiversity.