Strive for
excellence in
we do



To provide traceable and quality-assured products and services, without damage to the environment, generating aggregate value to customers, suppliers, communities and collaborators, and a fair and permanent return for shareholders.


To be the best provider of sustainable biodiversity products, based on science and technology, through Partnerships that foment a better world to its collaborators, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and communities where we operate.






Partnerships for a Better World aims to build and expand a supply chain of raw material consisting of small farming communities. This program ensures the planned crops are of high quality, are traceable, are purchased in a fair way and botanical species are grown through organic and sustainable and socially-responsible management practices.

Excellence to adopt high moral standards, be impartial, transparent and fair. Remain consistent with our words, actions and thoughts.

Ethics to offer conditions for the improvement of personal and collective aptitudes, to promote professional satisfaction, to value initiative and good social relations, and to uphold ethical behavior.

Social and Environmental Responsibility to promote social and environmental programs, reutilization of resources and sustainable development. Interact with communities and the environment in a responsible way.

Commitment to act in a way consistent with our values, persistently. To focus relentlessly on quality and customer service and be enthusiastic and energized about everything we do.